What is GetYourRefund and how does it work?

GetYourRefund Full Service/Virtual VITA service connects you with an IRS certified tax preparer from the VITA program for free. You should consider GetYourRefund if you have several years of taxes to file, have not filed taxes before, or have a lot of questions about your tax return and want personal support. This process typically takes 2-3 weeks, and you can claim all of your state and federal tax benefits. If you choose GetYourRefund Full Service/Virtual VITA: 1. Fill out your tax information online and upload all of your tax documents 2. An IRS certified tax preparer will review your information and schedule a phone call with you 3. Your tax preparer will prepare your taxes 4. A second tax preparer will complete a quality review of your taxes and call you to review any final information and tell you your refund amount 5. You will sign your tax forms online 6. We will submit your taxes to the IRS

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